Sunday, 2 March 2014

Draping a Saree Professionally..!!

The aspect of draping it over a woman’s body is covered under advanced personality grooming classes or fashion technology programs. But draping a saree is a career for Mayuri Biyani

“Women go to beauty parlours and get their make up and hair done. But when it comes to draping a saree, they are at a loss. They want to wear it with jeans, churidaars, skirts, leggings, but don’t know how. An expert draper is bliss for many, especially at ceremonies like marriages, where many women get dressed with desire to look different from others” says Mayuri Biyani, independent professional saree draper, who has draped women around the world. 
“Saree draping has to be an inherent talent which can be improvised with practice. As a career one will have limited scope if restricted to sarees alone. Women are now moving on to gowns. One can drape gowns too. So draping a fabric is her career goal.”
Mayuri's Experience
“ Recruited by salons, beauty parlours and fashion institutes (as faculty). Hotels like Hyatt hire professionally qualified drapers as they aim customer satisfaction.” says Mayuri Biyani.

Mayuri has draped in boutiques, in airlines, in event management firms where clients want professional touch. Drapers must know and distinguish between kinds of work and fabric of different sarees and work in stores with designers to gain experience. Creativity and innovation in styles are important aspects for a draper,” say fashion designer Mayuri Biyani
 “I learnt saree draping as a hobby, but thought about teaching it to others professionally. I approached the college authorities and they agreed to introduce this new course. The course builds confidence and attitude in girls as they learn basics of draping,” says Mayuri Biyani

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